Our proven experience and knowledge of all farm processes, together with the methodology developed for their management, allow us to provide our customers with a guaranteed evaluation of their products or strategies in real production conditions.

In order to accurately execute the field trials we have adapted and equipped the latest technology in several commercial farms of breeding sows, piglets in transition, pigs and cattle for fattening. We have complete traceability of all the processes of each project and of all the production phases.

Genera facilities


Reproductive sows

The commercial farm in which we carry out the experimental trials has 1,500 hyperprolific sows (LD x LW). It is fitted with specific equipment to accurately execute these projects and latest technology enabling the evaluation of different nutritional and management strategies in the gestation and lactation phases.

Nursery piglets

The nucleus of piglets in transition has 2 experimental modules with 48 pens equipped with 5-mouth troughs and bowl-type troughs. The sophisticated environmental control system ensures animal well-being during the random assignment of treatments. The 3 distribution lines of drinking water allow individualized oral treatment by pen.

Growing-fattening pigs

The commercial operation of fattening has 80 pens and a total capacity of more than 1,000 animals. The automatic feed distribution system allows control of daily consumption in each experimental unit. Our collaborative agreement with different slaughterhouses allows us to control the specific parameters of the final product (carcass yield, back fat thickness, meat quality parameters…). 

Growing-fattening bovines

The commercial operation of fattening beef cattle has 24 pens and allows the evaluation of two experimental treatments. The comprehensive daily control of conditions, the high training of the technical personnel and the ability to control the origin of each animal of study put us in a privileged position in the development of this type of test.

Feed manufacturing

The control of the manufacturing of experimental feed is one of the main processes of any research project. Our technical team supervises each manufacturing batch, and we only work with factories that we have previously approved for this task. The minimum manufacturing batch is 1,500 kg / treatment.